Williamson County Dispatch

The Williamson County Dispatch Center is an Enhanced 911 center.  This means that in addition to providing dispatch services for the Deputies, Williamson County Dispatch handles every 911 call for almost all of the entire county (The City of Marion has its own 911 system, and the City of Herrin provides 911 service for Herrin, Energy, and Johnston City).

In 2010 Williamson County Dispatch handled 18,002 calls for service, ranging from shootings and fatal traffic crashes to dog complaints and callers asking for directions to the nearest rest stop on the Interstate.

Williamson County Dispatch provides dispatch services for the following departments:

Law Enforcement

      Williamson County Sheriff’s Office

      Hurst Police

      Cambria Police

      Carterville Police

      U.S. Fish and Wildlife

      Freeman Spur Police

      Pittsburg Police

      Creal Springs Police

      Whiteash Police

      Spillertown Police

Fire Departments

      Williamson County Fire Protection District – 7 Stations

      Hurst Fire

      Cambria Fire

      Carterville Fire

      Johnston City Fire

      Pittsburg Fire

      Lake of Egypt Fire

Ambulance Services

      Hurst Ambulance (BLS)

      Cambria Ambulance (BLS)

      Carterville Ambulance (ALS)

      Williamson County Ambulance (ALS)

      Lifeline Ambulance (ALS)

      Lake of Egypt Ambulance (ALS)

      Johnston City 1st Responders

      Air Evac

In addition to the 911 calls, Williamson County Dispatchers are responsible for entering Warrants, Orders of Protection, Missing Persons, and stolen items into the state- and nation-wide computer databases.

Another responsibility that Williamson County Dispatch has is the maintenance of Sex Offender Registrations.  At this time, there are 107 registered Sex Offenders in Williamson County.  The Sheriff’s Office is responsible for the registrations of 82 of these Sex Offenders.