The Handgun Safety class is a basic informational class concerning safe storage of firearms and firearms ammunition in the household.  The class begins at 8:00 a.m. at the Sheriff’s Office.  We discuss safe storage of firearms and firearms ammunition.  This includes long barreled guns, as well as handguns. 

Illinois law pertaining to legal possession of firearms and firearms ammunition is discussed.  This includes possession and transportation.  A video which has been produced by the National Rifle Association of America is viewed and discussed.  We finish with a demonstration of how to clean a pistol and a revolver. 

                The class breaks for approximately one hour for lunch.  The class then meets usually around 12:00 or 12:15 at the Range.  While at the Range, we discuss a basic stance while shooting the handgun, proper grip of the handgun, sight alignment and sight picture.  We discuss the proper trigger press.  After this discussion and demonstration, participants will be allowed to fire their handguns.  We encourage people to bring at least fifty (50) rounds of ammunition.  Participants are allowed to bring more than this amount if they wish.  The instructors are always willing to stick around until the last round has been fired. 

                This class is a very stress-free and relaxed atmosphere, however proper attitude and strict safety rules will be adhered to with NO EXCEPTIONS.   There is no written exam in the classroom, nor is there a practical test on the Range.  The Range has shelter in case of a rain shower and relief from the hot summer sun.  At this time, we do not have a building for a classroom or restroom facilities.  However, there is a porta-potty.  Bottled water is also available at no charge.

                The Sheriff’s Office might not ever know if these safety classes will prevent an injury or death due to the negligent discharge of a firearm, but it is the belief and conviction of the Sheriff and all the employees of the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office to do our upmost to serve the people of Williamson County with professional and courteous service.

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