The 5th Annual Williamson County Traffic Safety Event will be held on March 19, 20, 21, and 22, 2013.  This event is designed to supplement and reinforce classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction for Driver’s Education students.  This event uses presentations and active participation to deliver important
safe-driving information to the students.  Our event is sponsored by local businesses and corporations and the Illinois Department of Transportation, allowing the schools to participate with no cost to the schools or students. 

The following is a summary of the event:

Each day is structured like a regular school day, with the students divided into six groups and rotating through the presentations.  Lunch is provided.  Schools participate at no cost.

Through the course of the day, students are exposed to nine different safe-driving presentations and activities during six class periods.  The list of presentations follows:


Work Zone Safety – A twenty minute presentation given by the Illinois Department of Transportation covers the hazards and risks of driving through road construction and work zones.


Motorcycle Awareness – The Illinois State Police Motorcycle Enforcement Bureau presents information from a motorcyclist’s perspective on what drivers should be aware of while driving near motorcycles.  This is a twenty minute presentation.

Operation Lifesaver – This is a twenty minute railroad-crossing safety presentation, sponsored by Union Pacific Railroad.

 Distracted Driving – This presentation, given by the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office, is a twenty minute presentation that covers the dangers of cell phone use while driving.

No Zone (3).jpgNo-Zone Semi Display – This is a forty minute session sponsored by Thomason Express and Black Diamond Harley Davidson.  It combines a presentation on the hazards of driving in the blind spots of passenger vehicles and semi-truck/trailer combinations  with active participation of the students.  The kids will have the opportunity to sit in the driver’s seat of a passenger car with motorcycles in the blind spots, then move to the driver's seat of a truck that has cars parked all around it.  They will be able to use the mirrors of the car and the truck to experience first-hand what the drivers can, and cannot, see while driving.


eat Belt Convincer and Roll-Over Simulator – This forty minute presentation by the Illinois State Police combines two pieces of equipment, the Seat Belt Convincer and the Roll-Over Simulator, to demonstrate the importance of seat belts to the students.  The students participate with the Seat Belt Convincer by riding the sled down a small incline.  The sled stops abruptly, simulating a 5 to 7 MPH crash.  The Roll Over Simulator uses crash test dummies to show what happens to unrestrained occupants during a roll-over crash.  


Golf Carts (2).jpg
Golf Cart Courses
– The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office and Illinois State Police will use this forty minute session to demonstrate two safe-driving topics.  Students will have the opportunity to drive golf carts through two different courses.  On the first course students will drive while wearing Fatal Vision Goggles, which simulate the effects of
alcohol impairment.  During the second course students will attempt to successfully drive the course while sending text messages on a cell phone. 

Street Smart
– This eighty minute presentation, sponsored by Golden Eagle Distributing, is among the highlights of our event.  The Street Smart presentation is given by members of S.A.F.E., a group of firefighter/paramedics from Miami-Dade County, Florida.  They have travelled the country teaching people of the hazards of alcohol and drugs, impaired and distracted driving, excessive speed, and the importance of seat belt use.  The impact of this presentation on the students was clearly visible.  Go to to learn more about this group of presenters.