Williamson County Jail

The first Williamson County Jail was purchased on January 8, 1840 and was a small log cabin.  The first jail was located just off the square in Marion on Lot No. 2 Block No. 8.

          In 185, the Williamson County government constructed a new Sheriff's Office and Jail.  This building was a two story brick building that was used until 1913.

          On June 7, 1912 the Williamson County government began discussions on building a new jail.  On September 30, 1913 a new Sheriff's Office and Jail were opened at 102 S. Van Buren St. in Marion.

          In April of 1964 the Williamson County Judges went to the Williamson County Building Commission and requested that a new court house be built.  On November 19, 1971 a dedication ceremony was held to pen the new court house.  On January 18, 1972 the new Sheriff's Office and Jail were opened in the Court House located at 200 W. Jefferson St.   The jail remained at this location until February 19, 2012.

         In January 2007, Williamson County Began the long journey down the road of construction of a new Jail and Sheriff's Office.  On February 19, 2012 the new Williamson County Jail and Sheriff's Office officially opened a new state of the art 244 bed facility.

          The Williamson County Jail is commanded by Captain Gary Tyner, along with a very professional and highly trained staff.  All Correctional staff undergo the State Of Illinois Training Board Certified 200 Hour Academy.
The Williamson County Correctional Officers are responsible for preserving order inside the jail by enforcing the facility’s rules and regulations, your corrections officers are always on the move both inside and outside the Williamson County Jail.  Corrections officers check the inmates at least two times an hour and regularly perform shakedowns (the process of searching for contraband) to not only help ensure inmate health and safety, but also to prevent escapes.