Sheriff Jeff Diederich

                    Williamson County Correctional Center Mail Policy 

1) Inmate will not receive their non-legal mail at the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office

2) Please send all mail to:                              (Inmate Name)
                                                         Williamson County Sheriff’s Office
                                                                         404 N. Van Buren
                                                                    Marion, Illinois, 62951

3)         All non-legal mail sent to the address given above will be processed by the mail scanner and delivered to the inmate electronically via kiosk or tablets, and the original mail will be placed in the inmate’s property

4)         The inmate name must be clearly printed on the outside of the envelope or postcard. Failure to include this information could result in lost or misdirected mail.

5)         Content violations may prevent delivery of the item to the inmate. Prohibited materials include:

               a.         Letters from other incarcerated individuals
               b.         Racy or pornographic pictures
               c.         Pictures or descriptions of illegal activities
               d.         Pictures or descriptions of the use or manufacture of firearms, explosives, or other      weapon
               e.         Drugs or biohazards on the envelope or contents
               f.          Threating or violent content

6)         All Legal Mail should continue to be sent to the facility and will be opened and searched in the presence of the receiving inmate.

7)         Subscriptions to newspapers and books must be sent directly by the publisher and delivered via the US postal Service. All books must ship directly to the jail from a publisher.

8)         All items will be subject to screening, and pornographic or other unacceptable correspondence will not be permitted.

9)         Please include the complete first and last name of the person you are sending mail. You must also list a complete first and last name with a return address on all mailings to the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office. Address labels and stickers are not permitted.

10)       No mail service will be provided on Sundays, holidays, or during emergencies with the facility.

11)       The following is a list of mail items that will be rejected:

a.         The entire letter due to not having a FULL return name or FULL return address

b.         The entire letter due to an unknown substance on the letter (Perfume, etc.)

c.         Items containing nudity or distasteful images

d.         Items containing security issues and criminal conduct

e.         Items that have glitter, glue, or tape

f.          Books not sent by a publisher

g.         Items that contain tattooing instructions or designs

h.         Prohibited property and/or contraband

i.          Any other item not mentioned that poses a risk to the safety and security of the facility



Williamson County Sheriff's Office

The link below will take you to a copy of the Inmate Handbook.

A copy of this Handbook is issued to each inmate when they are booked into the Jail.  The Handbook provides information on expected inmate behavior,disciplinary actions, visitation, commissary, and other rules and regulations of the Williamson County Jail.  Upon release from custody, inmates are required to return the Handbook in the condition it was issued to to them.  If the Handbook is damaged or destroyed the inmate is charged one dollar ($1.00) for replacement of the Handbook.

Jail Rules

Williamson County Sheriff's Office
404 N. Van Buren
Marion, IL  62959
Tx:  618-997-6541
Office Fax:  618-998-2296
Dispatch Fax:  618-997-1301

English Version

(Click Image to download handbook)

(Click Image to download handbook)

Williamson County Sheriff's Office

Williamson County Sheriff's Office

Jeff Diederich, Sheriff

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Jail Rules and Regulations