The Williamson County Sheriff's Office has five Detectives in the Investigations Section.  Four Detectives are Criminal Investigators, while the fifth Detective is assigned to the Southern Illinois Enforcement Group.

The Southern Illinois Enforcement Group is an investigative task force comprised of officers from several different local and state agencies assigned to investigate the possession or sale of illegal drugs.

Our Criminal Investigators are responsible for follow-up investigations, crime scene processing, and interviews with victims and suspects. 

Williamson County Detectives handle everything from homicide investigations, follow-up interviews with Domestic Violence victims, burglary and theft cases, and narcotics investigations.

Williamson County Detectives work closely with the Investigators from other agencies in the area, and speak daily with Detectives from other departments.

The Williamson County Investigative Section also works closely with Williamson County Crimestoppers.  The Crimestoppers organization has provided information to the Investigative Section on countless crimes, including homicides and missing persons.  Williamson County Crimestoppers continues to play a big part in crime-reduction in Williamson County.

An issue that has become a big problem over the last few years is Identity Theft.  This is a difficult crime to investigate, and a crime that many victims don't know very much about.  Below are a few links to websites that provide information on Identity Theft:

Federal Trade Commission - Information and free brochures

United States Department of Justice

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Another issue that has raised concern is Internet safety for kids and teenagers.  Here are some links to sites that provide information: